Friday, December 21, 2012

Clyde Beatty T-Shirt

Back by popular demand, Clyde Beatty Tiger Wave t-shirt designed by Brett Bednorz.  Just in time for Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dennis Ryder "67"

Now days we have performance long boards, high performance long boards.  Before surfboards started to get short there were no high performance surfboards. We just had surfboards.  Making a surfboard high performance was up to the surfer. 

The last year of the long surfboard was 1967.  and reality is in ’67 there were some boards that could’ve been considered performance or high performance boards, but we didn’t call them  high performance boards, they usually had  the words “light weight” or “feather light” along with a model name. Basically a board that was in the low 9 foot range and a little thinner, not as wide as some of the other boards you might find on the rack in a surf shop and also, of importance, was they were laminated with lighter fiberglass cloth… of course that's why the were called light weight models.

These shorter, thinner, narrower, lighter boards were the performance boards of the late 60’s. I designed one for myself while shaping at Morey-Pope in 1967.  A 9 foot 22 inch wide thinned out narrow nosed light weight board that surfed really well. Quick turns, playful off the tail, good speed in trim. Nose rides, coasters, cutbacks, all the great performance stuff.  I liked the board so much and felt you could push it to new and higher surfing performance levels that I used the design in most of the early William Dennis boards when Blinky and I first got started.

I’ve now got a reissue of this board, I call the ’67.  A traditional single fin performance long board with a slender over all foil. Nice curve in the outline back of center with a soft rolled bottom and accelerated rocker out the back for quick turns and playfulness on the tail.  Narrow nose for lighter swing weight and better wave face fit. A long and low rocker curve through the nose for good trim and nose riding.  

The ’67 takes traditional long boarding to new performance levels. The boards are available at Wavefront Surf Shop.

Dennis Ryder

Vince Felix noseriding the "67"

Friday, December 7, 2012

9'6" 40/65

New delivery of a 9'6" 40/65 Davenport.  Great rootbeer brown tint job.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Robert Heeley Surf Tee

We just got in a new 10 color design of C-Street from Robert Heeley.  We have these in short sleeve tee's, long sleeve tee's, and hooded sweat shirts in adult and youth.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ventura Sunsets

Fall and winter bring us good surf and great sunsets.  I love the sunsets here in Ventura!!!  A few years back I added a deck to the front of our house for just this reason. 

It's always a hit or miss when it comes down to the end of it, but this one was worth the wait.

Those are the Channel Islands in the background.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New Boards this week

9'6" Chaser  $895.00

9'6" 40/65 $895.00

Orbicular Surfboards Mini D

Our new version of the Mini Simmons (with some of our ideas in design).  Board sizes are 5'2" to 6'0", and includes a set of round simmons style fins, and our speed keel fins.  When choosing your size, go shorter than what you normally ride, as these boards have a lot volume.  Board art designs by Mitch Bloom.  Boards are $450.00 including 2 sets of fins.

Feed back on this board has been outstanding.  Clyde has changed the fin placement from what you see on other Simmons style boards, allowing the board to hold much better, giving it a fish style ride.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


It doesn't get any better than this.  We do not have photo's as the ad states, but we do have a spread sheet.

Monday, October 22, 2012

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sandal Sale

All sandals are on sale.  Buy one pair at full price, get the second pair 50% off.

Second pair of sandals must be of equal or lesser value.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Redline 11

The ultimate 9'0 surfboard! Turns like an 8’6” Paddles like a 9’6” Noserides like a 10’0” Bill Stewart says this is the best longboard he's ever built.  It's the one board quiver!!
We now have a full size range of Redline 11 boards. 

Single Fin Surfboard ~ The Flash Forward

Our latest arrival of Orbicular Surfboards "Flash Forward" model have new graphic designs by Ventura Local Mitch Bloom.  We also have some very retro tiger stripe and foam stained art.  These boards are nice and wide to get you in early, set your line and fly.  We have sizes starting at 5'8" to 7'0".  They are priced from $425.00 to $450.00 and includes a fin.
 Clyde Beatty Jr. has taken his board building knowledge from the past, and made an outstanding single fin designed with what we have learned in the future.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New size on the Orbicular Flyer SUP

We just got a new shippment of Orbicular Flyer SUP's.  We now have 9'6" and 10'2" boards in stock.

New Davenport in stock

We just got in a new 9'8" Davenport 40/65.  Nice work as always Adam!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Orbicular Surfboards Water Dragon SUP

The new Water Dragon Sup is in.  Shaped by Clyde Beatty Jr. for Orbicular Surfboards, the new board features a new step rail tail.  The new tail allows the board to get more feel when making turns by allowing the tail to sink more into the water, but still having the tail width for good paddling.  The board is "Very Snappy" says our team ride Pat Calimpong, allowing much faster turns.  Pat states it is the best noserider he has ridden.  At present we have 9'6" boards in stock.  Like all of our SUP's this board is $999.00 including fins.  Check out our website for more information.

Clyde Beatty Jr. Diamond Tail

Clyde Beatty Jr. has developed this new model to focus on great turns and nose rides from a performance style board.  The boards stocked are 9'2" and 9'4" with a 23" width, and 3" thick.  As you know, all boards can be customed ordered.  Our pice on this board including fins is $565.00.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clyde Beatty Jr. Sailfish SUP

Well Clyde Beatty Jr. has done it again.  Designing fish surfboards since 1974 and SUP models for 6 years for customers all over world, here is his new SUP fish design.  The board comes with Clyde Beatty Jr. designed keel fins.

Monday, September 3, 2012

WaveFront Surf Shop donates surfboards for charity

I received a phone call at the surf shop from concert promoter Rob Dean asking if I would like to donate a surfboard for the upcoming charity benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Knowing of all the great things St. Jude has done, I jumped at the chance to help.  Clyde Beatty Jr. agreed to make the board, and we were off.  Matt Krieger supplied us with art for the board, and I decided to have two boards made.

Weeks later the boards were done and delivered to Rob.  He absolutely flipped when they were received.  Rob stated they were going to start the auction at $1,500.00.  Telling Rob I thought that was a little high, He stated we could always lower the price during the auction.
I went to the Moorpark Country Club the night prior to the concert for a meet and great with Robby Krieger from the Doors.  Robby and Scott Medlock have been friends since 1991, when Scott was selected to paint the winner of the LA Open golf tournament. They became friends and have been involved with charity events ever since.
The day of the event was absolutely a whirlwind of fun, meeting great rock stars I’ve watched my whole life, and making sure that they all signed the boards for auction.  The auction started off with items donated including private golf games with Robby Krieger, 5 day vacations in fantastic Mexico locations, diamond jewelry, and many more.  Bidding was not going that well when I turned to my Brother-in-law and told him I was worried about the price the boards were going to bring in.

The time came when one of the boards were brought out to auction, and I was very nervous.  The bidding started at $1,500.00 with no one bidding on them.  Then someone bid the $1,500.00, and then the bidding just went crazy!!!  They were up to $4,600.00 when the other board was brought out.  The auctioneer had the two bidder’s attention, and got them to agree on $4,250.00 for each board.  I was ecstatic!!!!!  WaveFront Surf Shop had help raise $8,500.00 for the event.  The boards were the highest money raised surpassing even signed guitars by band members.
The concert was unbelievable.  The main band consisted of Robby Krieger (The Doors), Tommy Thayer (Kiss), Danny Seraphine (Chicago) and Jonny Lang.  Throughout the night special guests came out and performed including members from Oingo Boingo, Counting Crows, Chicago, and many more.  It was a great event to say the least, with over $250,000.00 being raised.

After the concert while on stage, Robby even took time to thank Clyde Beatty Jr. for shaping the board.  After Robby handed the phone to me, Clyde did not believe it was him.  I sent him this picture the next day to him.  How could you deny this?

A special thanks goes out to Scott Medlock, Robby Krieger, Rob Dean Promotions, the band members, and everyone else involved for a great event.  I look forward to doing this for many years. 
Photo's courtesy of AJ Matis, Scott Medlock, and Marc Hesthal.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Stoker V Stoke

I aways find it so gratifing when a customer hooks up the shaper of his new board.  Mike came in last week and wanted to order a new 7'10" Stoker V, seems he had been wanting to try one for some time now.  He gave me an order, I sent it off to Bruce.  I got a call later in the day, with Mike asking if he could talk to Bruce about his board.  Gave him the number and they talked about what Mike wanted.  Bruce felt that the board on order was to thick, and he should go 2" longer, and keep the thickness down. 

Bruce called me to say that one of my other custom's was ready to pick up, and to give Mike a call, as Bruce was sending down a brand new 8'0" for him to try.  Mike took the board out, came back that afternoon and said Bruce was right, the board paddled way better than he had expeceted.  He liked the board so much he canceled the special order, and bought the 8'0"  It aways pays to listen to the shaper.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orbicular Single Fin

We received our second delivery of the new Orbicular Single Fin boards last Friday.  They range from 5'8" to 6'6".  Lots of cool retro colors to choose from.  The first boards were tested by some of our team riders, and with their input, the refined boards are faster yet!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to paddle your SUP through the surf

I've had many new SUP riders ask me how to get out through the waves.  I feel this says it all.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Orbicular Flyer Logo

In 2000 I had an idea for a surfboard that I could not find anywhere. I went to Clyde Beatty Jr., as he was the best at making epoxy surfboards.  I felt that the board design was so different, that it deserved its own logo.  Not wanting to use just my name, I went through countless ideas.  Then it came to me.  I always liked the name Spherical Revolver from Harbour Surfboards.  I hit the old thesaurus and entered the word Spherical.  One of the words that came out was Orbicular, meaning almond shaped.  Perfect, barrels on waves were shaped like an almond.  And knowing this board was going to fly, I added Flyer.

Now that I had the name Orbicular Flyer, I needed a cool logo.  I spent weeks sketching out designs, but nothing was sticking.  One day while driving down the street, I saw a very cool logo on the back windshield of a car driving by.  I tried to catch up and study the design, but the guy turned and could not follow him.  I pulled over and sketched out what I thought I had seen.  Next was taking it to my artist to do the final design.

Quite awhile went by, never knowing what that sticker said, when someone told me it looked a lot like the AOPA logo, but missing the crest.  The next day the guy brought me in a sticker of the logo, yep, that’s the one I saw.  But as you can see, my mind saw an
A-frame wave and the logo has been in use since that day.  Many other Orbicular models have come out including Orbicular Glider, Orbicular Speedster and Orbicular Surfboards.  But the Flyer is still the best selling model of all the boards.
This Year we are adding the Orbicular Flyer SUP and the Orbicular Water Dragon SUP.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Locals Slippers

We are now carring Locals Slipper's.  Come on down and check out da kine slippers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"The Chaser"

Adam Davenport has delivered our first new board design called "The Chaser" this week. 
It's 9'8" x 23 1/2" x 3" with soft V through the tail, with a very slight Diamond Tail. 

Looking at the details Adam put into this board, I see something very special.  Think about speed carving turns with lot's of tip time.

This model has been tested for the past 6 months with all of the riders giving it high praise.  We have more sizes on order that will be delivered through this month.